Good to see some quantitative analysis of the effects of DEI on campus climate. As far per the stated goals of DEI -- this is an Orwellian lie. If we analyze what they actually do in terms of concrete policies and activities, it becomes obvious that a more accurate operational definition of 'DEI' is Discrimination, Entitlement, and Intimidation. This should not come as a surprise of one considers the theoretical foundations on which this apparat operates -- postmodernism, critical theories, and ultimately plain old Marxism.

DEI bureaucracies are categorical enemies of humanism and liberalism. We must purge our universities from them:



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Excellent article, thank you

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"To state this in more concrete terms, DEI bureaucracies appear to shape the campus speech climate not by stigmatizing ideas like “Black Lives Matter is a hate group” and “Transgender people have a mental disorder” but, instead, by normalizing ideas such as “Religious liberty is used as an excuse to discriminate against gays and lesbians” and “White people are collectively responsible for structural racism and use it to protect their privilege.”"

Note that the ideas normalized both stigmatize conservative perspectives and are directly related to conservative expression!

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Maybe 20 years ago, a friend gave me a big button to wear at meetings. It read “We’ve got charts and graphs to back us up so fuck off!”

Not all of the visuals in this article are particularly clear. But admittedly a few are thought-provoking.

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Hey, I just saw this. Great post! You planning to publish this in an academic journal?

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Not sure about you stats

r=-.50, p=.00 ?

Why not r2?

And your p needs more sig digits

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