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It’s possible that the rigors of boot camp weed out the mentally shaky. My stepson, who recently went through boot camp, witnessed quite a few people get tossed out purely because they couldn’t hack it, mentally.

Also, is it possible to compare the data to the same age spreads in previous eras? What I mean is, back in the 1990s, when Gen Xers were 18-25, how was their mental health compared to all older generations? Just want to make sure this isn’t just the self-reported drama and ennui of youth, a sort of Hamlet complex, if you will.

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As a parent of three in Gen Z, your cogent analysis rings true. Even within my family, I see mental health differences based on several of the characteristics mentioned.

In the data you examined, is there anything about the feeling of the larger culture? Every decade has felt quite different to me - but it feels right now that the culture at large is uncertain of the future, and pessimistic. Where is the ‘morning in America’ to give optimism of the future?

Thank you for writing about this important topic.

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If progressive ideology and homosexuality have such a disastrous impact on one's well being, then why are they so vigorously promoted by virtually all influential institutions in the West?

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