In the first-ever empirical study of the question, I show evidence that larger DEI bureaucracies often hurt and almost never help the speech climate on college campuses.
Conservatives have correctly identified whites and "wokeness" as key components of the military’s recruitment crisis. Unfortunately, they are focusing…
A Media Matters report has gone viral with a deeply misleading analysis of violent crime coverage on Fox News
The Workplace and Equal Opportunity Survey has been interpreted as providing an unequivocal "yes" but a new look at the data says otherwise.
Google, Meta, and Apple are trying to persuade the Supreme Court to allow race-based affirmative action by referencing a small and deeply flawed group…
The empirical data raises far more questions than it answers
The Navy's Misappropriation of Levine et al.'s "Ethnic Diversity Deflates Price Bubbles"
The Task Force One Navy Report and the Biases of Social Science Research
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The Missing Data Depot